Music From Movies

Sat, Jul 20 2024, 20:00
Municipal House (Obecní dům), Smetana hall
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Music From Movies!

The venue is Smetana Hall, which is the most beautiful concert hall in Prague and is the main hall of the Municipal House.

The Municipal House in Prague was built at the place of the former Royal Court in 1912 to celebrate the Czech nation and has been one of the most significant public buildings in Prague for over a hundred years. It is a representative building which for its splendour and beautiful decorations is one of the jewels of Prague architecture. Although the building is usually described as an "Art Nouveau" edifice it is more of a blend of neo-Baroque, neo-Renaissance, western and oriental influences and Czech Art Nouveau style. This representative building is, above all, a great venue for classical music concerts and one of the prime venues of the world-famous Prague Spring Festival.

Representative Smetana Hall was the site of the independent Czechoslovak Republic declaration in 1918. Nowadays it serves predominantly as a concert hall. Beautiful Art Nouveau decorations – paintings with Slavic motifs, decorative stained glass ceiling, gilded lamps, beautiful organ – all this creates an unusually harmonic whole, which is a worthy area for implementation of the greatest treasures of Czech and world classical music.

E. Bernstein: The Magnificent Seven (Music from the movie)
C. M. Schönberg: I Dream A Dream („Les Miserables“)
H. Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean (Music from the movie)
K. Svoboda: Three Nuts for Cinderella (Song from the movie)
H. Mancini: Moon River („Breakfast at Tiffany's“)
M. Magne: Angéligue (Music from the movie)
B. Anderson: Super Trouper („Mamma Mia!“)
Vangelis: Conquest Of Paradise ("1492: Conquest of Paradise")
A. L. Webber: I Don´t Know How to Love Him („Jesus Christ Superstar“)
J. Hetfield (Metallica): Nothing Else Matters
E. Morricone: Once Upon a Time In the West (Song from the movie)
J. Williams: E.T. (Music from the movie)
J. Horner: My Heart Will Go On ("Titanic")
F. Mercury: Bohemian Rhapsody
T. Newman: James Bond: Skyfall (Song from the movie)

Performed by 
Dvorak Symphony Orchestra Prague (chamber cast)
The Orchestra was founded in the '60s of the 20th century a group of top musicians. Members of the current ensemble are the best orchestras member's in Prague (FOK, The Czech Filharmony, SOCR, PKO, PKF...). The orchestra has performed in many European countries, the USA, Japan and South Korea.

Duration: 60 minutes
Dress code: casual
Senior citizen discount: over 65 years
Student discount: 15 - 26 years old with a valid student identification card