Prague Music Orchestra

The chamber orchestra “Prague Music“ was formed at the beginning of the 21st century. It comprises distinguished Czech musicians who play for premier orchestras such as the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and other outstanding chamber orchestras. Prague Music excels in its unique, sophisticated sound and represents a highly valued interpretative art. The soloists are a new generation of Czech musicians.


Classical Concerts in Prague


Ondřej Skopový
He started violin playing under the leadership of Zdeněk Vyoral in the age of five. He took up the High school (Conservatory in Prague) in class guided by prof. Dana Vlachová in 1995. He was member of PKF (Prague Philharmonia) during his studies at Conservatory. He was the pupil of Prof. Petr Messiereur at the HAMU (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) in years 2000-2005. He appeared as concert master and soloist of the AKS (Academy chamber soloist) during his studies. He passed the competition to Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in May 2001.

He took up an employment to SOČR (Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra) in June 2001. He was member of SOČR and he held the function of concert master of the second violin from January 2006 till August 2007. Then he continued as deputy of leader of the second violin in Czech Philharmonic orchestra. Besides work in Symphony Orchestra, he is member of Prague Royal Orchestra, which is concentrated in chamber music. He is concert master at this orchestra from 2000 and he is also a constant soloist there from 2003. He plays in others chamber orchestras sometimes, for example Berg chamber orchestra, Talich chamber orchestra, Prague Collegium, etc. He is also active chamber player at last few years. Besides violin duo, he is specialize in interpretation of contemporary music in ensemble of violin and contrabass, first of all. He recorded music of contemporary composer for Czech Radio with David Pavelka-contrabass.

Vlastimil Kobrle
Studied at the Conservatory in Teplice from the years of 1989 to 1993. Until 1997 he was a student of Prof.Václav Snítil at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.During his studies he participated successfully in several international violin competition (Zagreb,Germany,“Beethoven’s Hradec“) and competition of Czech Conservatories. He finished his studies with an evening-long violin recitál and also with a performance of the D major Concerto for violin and orchestra by J.Brahms with the North Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra.

He participated in the Masterclasses of Prof. A. Lysy in Switzerland and took chamber music courses under Prof. Schulz in Austria. He played in the Suk Chamber Orchestra for Five years as a concert master.With this ansamble he took part in tours to Germany,Italy,Spain,Japan and China.In this period he intensely cooperated with Maestro Josef Suk and gave concerts also as a soloist with him booth in his country and abroad. Since January 2000 he has played as a leader of the Czech Radio Symhonic Orchestra in Prague.He regurarly performs as a soloist with the New Prague Collegium Radio Symfonists.

Petr Zdvihal
Petr Zdvihal (1973) graduated from the Conservatory in Pardubice (professor Vladimír Kulík) and the musical faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (professor Václav Snítil). He also took part in the masterclasses of Prof Alberto Lysy in Switzerland. He won the first prize at the international competition “Beethoven’s Hradec” and was awarded a prize for the best performance of a composition by Beethoven. As a soloist he has performed with more than fifteen Czech and international orchestras in Czech Republic, Germany and Spain. At present he is a concertmaster of the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Jan Mráček
Jan Mráček (born 1991) began playing violin at the age of five as a pupil of Magdaléna Micková. He spent eight years under the tutelage of this teacher and also participated in several competitions, e.g. during the years 1998-2001 he was taking part in the nationwide children’s competition Plzenecké housličky, where he repeatedly triumphed. He was the absolute winner of this competition in 2002. Mráček has been continuing in his musical studies since 2003. In the same year, he was a prize winner at the Prague Junior Note competition. He is currently studying at the Prague Conservatory.