How to order tickets

The process of buying tickets is secure and easy.

1. Add the chosen event to your cart by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button on the event page.

2. If you need to order more than one category, select "Add another ticket" in the cart. You are forwarded back to your chosen event, and you can add another category and proof it by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button. Now you have both chosen categories in your cart. You can repeat this procedure and buy more categories, or you can use this process for buying tickets for more events.

3. Complete your order and payment. After that step, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Your payment remains "on hold" until we issue your e-Ticket. 

4. As soon as the event organizer confirms your order, you receive your e-Ticket, and your payment is processed. It will take maximum 24 hours but no later than two hours before the event.

5. Print your e-Ticket or save it on your portable electronic device.

6. Present your e-Ticket at the entrance or box office of your event.