Boccaccio Ballroom


The harmony of musical and culinary arts is served in historically protected neo – baroque Boccaccio Ballroom. The historical ballroom provides an appropriate stylistic setting for Mozart Dinner Concert in Prague. 

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The beautiful and famous neo-Baroque Boccaccio Ballroom is a meeting place for hosting exclusive events.

Built in 1927 immediately became one of the favorite places for Prague´s high society´s events. “Soireé dansantes” were held here with participation of many famous people, like Jan Masaryk, a Minister for Foreign Affairs, or the US ambassador to the Czech Republic and many others.

The beautiful ballroom was given its name according to Giovanni Boccaccio and his Decameron and it is built in Neo-Baroque architectural style.
The Boccaccio Hall has been restored to its entire 1925 splendor. In 1993, the reconstruction started to bring back the best times of the Boccaccio. Artificial marble was restored, all wall decorations and paintings were recovered and newly gilded, statues of little cupids, hanging music instruments or arrows of love just under the ceiling were carefully reconstructed, mirrors and light fixtures replaced. And despite the horrible state before the reconstruction, the original beauty has been saved.

Today you can admire the original parquet floor made of wooden cassettes. Each cassette consists of 9 different types of oriental wood. Time and thousands of dancing shoes made it so hard that it even survived a huge flood in 2002 when it was full of the river Vltava water for three days. The floor is placed on a wooden grid to be a little flexible for dancers´ feet. The feet don´t hurt so much and you can stay for another drink.

The central chandelier also escaped the damage, was carefully taken down and each of its 4000 hand-made pieces was cleaned and hung back so you can admire its glittering beauty.

Come and enjoy Mozart show and dinner in this beautiful ambience, which is closely associated with the history of Prague and only a few steps from Estates Theater, where Mozart enjoyed the triumphant success of his world famous opera Don Giovanni. The event is suitable for children.

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Boccaccio Ballroom 
Kralodvorska 4
Prague 1
(Side Entrance)

How to get there

Line B (yellow) - Náměstí Republiky stop

No. 8, 14, 26, 91 - Náměstí Rebubliky  stop