Black Light Theatre (Prague)

Black Light Theatre is a place where numerous shows take off and leave you with a lifetime experience. The theatre's creative use of light, dark, acting, and music will undoubtedly thrill you to the core. Taking their audience on a fascinating journey by capturing a mixture of classical fairy tales and fables along with up-to-date stories, they provide us with a captivating alternate universe that surely one can never forget after witnessing it. A combination of a fun atmosphere and great performance makes Black Light Theatre one of the must-visit attractions in Prague.

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"Thank you so much for all the attention you gave this matter. We thoroughly enjoyed the concerts that we attended. I would certainly recommend these concerts to any of my friends that come to Prague. You have a beautiful city which we enjoyed getting to know, but the highlight was attending the concerts."

Janet S., Canada

"We were very happy to be able to see the concert tonight, because it was an important stop for us during our travel."

Frédéric M., France

"We really enjoyed listening to Vivaldi in the beautiful Klementinum Mirror Hall on Monday. I am positive that the concert on Saturday will be just as entertaining."

Val C., UK